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CBS 48 Hours recently hired The Nesheiwat Law Group to be defense attorney experts on a high profile murder case about an Iowa man who allegedly killed his wife with a corn rake.

Daniel and Dina Nesheiwat are legal experts hired by 48 hours

The investigation revealed what had appeared to be a good marriage was actually one fractured by Amy’s affairs. A divorce could have split the family apart and might have meant the loss of the farm, which was worth millions.

“Everyone knew Amy Mullis,” says Dina Nesheiwat, a legal expert hired by “48 Hours” to look at the defense’s case. “You know, she was … very bubbly, outgoing. … All of a sudden one day she’s dead.”


Dina Nesheiwat: If this was a murder … and somebody is stabbing Amy … Not one, not two, but three times. … You’re gonna see blood drops on the chemical totes, on the shed walls, on a suspect, you’re gonna see it on Amy. And none of that was found.

Daniel Nesheiwat: There’s no way that Todd could have killed Amy. He did not have the opportunity to do this.

Watch the full episode here.

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