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“Incredibly thankful and relieved that our family was represented by Nesheiwat-Law Group. With only 5 days to prepare for an exaggerated incident my daughter was faced with—exfiance tried to place restraining order with no cause—my daughter was ushered into the courtroom and case dismissed. Daniel spent time preparing the case and my daughter to win. Strongly recommend, and would definitely call on the group again.”

-Sally Albin


“Dina was such an excellent attorney! Throughout the process, she was very kind and responsive with great attention to detail. Well before I had to go to court, Dina had already gathered all relevant materials, spoken to my 2 witnesses and was on track to potentially get my case dismissed. She also kept my mom and I updated through the entire process and was always available for questions. Her brother Daniel is awesome as well! He accompanied us to court and was just as kind and well-spoken as Dina! He had taken the information Dina gathered on my case and familiarized himself with it extremely well before the day I had to present to court. He was very assertive yet friendly about getting things done and between the two of them, my case was dismissed that day! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. They are quite versatile in the types of law they practice while still being amazing at what they do, which is a difficult combination to find. If you or your loved ones are in any need of legal counsel, I simply cannot recommend them enough! When it comes to legal counsel, they are the very best of Nashville! 🎉”

-Anna Owens


“Marabeth was very kind and professional. Got my case dropped. She was very considerate of my time and worked diligently. Her coworker was equally professional and willing to help.”

-Matt Settersten


“I recently needed the services of an attorney and am so grateful I came across Dina in my internet search. I had previously tried to schedule an appointment with another well known attorney in Nashville but after our scheduled meetings were cancelled twice, I decided I needed to find an attorney who had time for me. That is exactly what I found in Dina. She returned my call the same day I left a message with her office even though it was after business hours. She was very thorough and listened to what I said. Eventually, her brother went with us to court and he was well versed on the details of the case. Thanks to him and Dina, the case was dismissed and is now getting expunged. If you need a reasonably priced attorney, who will listen to you and fight for you, the Nesheiwat Law Group is the place to call. You will be glad you did! I recommend them without any hesitation.”

-Pam Owens


“This firm is results-oriented! They come out of the gate ready to assist and continue to be very responsive. I would definitely recommend this firm to represent you.”

-Stephanie Redding


“During a stressful time of uncertainty, Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Nesheiwat were professional, patient, and always available. Very appreciative of their guidance and support! I highly recommend this group.”

-Rhonda McKay


“I was referred to Dina by a trusted friend and from my first conversation with her I knew I was in good hands. I felt a huge sense of relief and knew immediately that I had made the right decision. Dina was amazing throughout the process; encompassing the perfect balance of empathy and fierceness. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my case & her dedication to supporting me & fighting for what is right. All attorneys could learn from her dedication and attention to detail.”

-Chloe Evans


“Dina is an exceptional attorney. She is very easy to communicate with and highly responsive. Dina went above and beyond for us as clients. She instantly put our mind at ease and did a fantastic job at resolving our case. I highly recommend hiring them, they are top quality, trustworthy and reliable attorneys.”

-Rebecca Cordell


“Had the pleasure of working with Dina recently, she made us feel comfortable, valued and reassured. She was very communicative and quick to respond to all of our outreach. She was very professional and dedicated to helping us win our case. I strongly recommend hiring them.”

-Krystle Miller


“Daniel is amazing! Best attorney ever!! He was so professional and helped me to feel super comfortable and confident in his abilities to resolve my case. I would highly recommend retaining his services. Do yourself a favor and hire him!”

-Karen Tores


“This law firm is amazing and highly professional. Daniel and Dina both went out there way to help me and better my situation. They absolutely take care of you and go above and beyond to help your needs. Great sense of urgency and communication explaining things thoroughly. Thank you, Highly recommend Daniel and Dina!”

-Andy Cruz


“This Law firm was excellent. They quickly responded back to my initial phone call. Went to work very fast on my situation and helped me resolve it fast and easy. Thank you Dina Nesheiwat . Highly recommend.”

-Carrie Hayes


“Dina Nesheiwat is highly professional and responsive. She went above and beyond to take care of the matter I was dealing with. Her sense of urgency and direct communication to solve the matter was exceptional and a better experience than any other lawyer I have dealt with. I highly recommend Dina to anyone who needs a good lawyer. When reviewing and seeking out a lawyer along with the experience I had with her, my conclusion is that she is one of the best, if not the best in Tennessee.”



“The Nesheiwat Group is the best firm and has the most professional team of attorneys. Their sense of urgency , professionalism and determination is exactly what I needed. They truly care about their clients. Highly recommend Dina, Daniel and their team.”

-Freddy Patterson


“Daniel was extremely professional as well as understanding, which made it very easy to work with him. Made sure all of my questions and concerns were thoroughly answered. He showed he cared and took his time. Made sure everything was going smoothly as he called frequently to check in. Overall, five stars was definitely well-deserved and I surely recommend him to anyone who is in need of an attorney.”

-Allison Beers


“My family has entrusted the The Nesheiwat Group with our business for years. There’s no firm that’s more reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable.”

-Robert Ferrara


“Daniel Nesheiwat has been representing us for years! His level of communication with clients is superb. His office staff are knowledgeable and professional individuals who take pride in their profession.
We highly recommend Nesheiwat Law Group.”

-Sarah Malega


“The Best Lawyer for Many Reasons! Looking for a lawyer to represent a loved one or yourself can be overwhelming, as it seems all the lawyers are the “best”. We have used several lawyers for our son to include one who uses “As Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News” and none of them even comes close to Dina’s level of effort and performance. Dina focuses on the facts and leaves no rock un-turned for her clients; she works relentlessly for the best outcome. One of the many characteristics that makes her stand out above the rest of her peers is that she truly cares about you as a person; you’re not just a docket number. Unfortunately we have had to use several lawyers, so take my advice…Mrs. Nesheiwat is the one you will want on your side!”



“This firm has the best attorneys! I would know as I’ve had a few run ins with the law over the years and have dealt with many different attorneys. Everyone in this firm is very knowledgable of the law and work diligently to fight for justice. Ive found my new go to law firm if I am ever in trouble again!”

– Tony Scungile


“The Nesheiwat Group is the best firm and has the most professional team of attorneys. Their sense of urgency , professionalism and determination is exactly what I needed. They truly care about their clients and are swift to get answers as well as determine the best course of action necessary. Highly recommend Dina, Daniel and their team.”

– Dean O’Shaughnessy


“Dina Neshiewat is a fantastic attorney that truly supports and cares about the people she represents. One of the best in Nashville!”

– Lesley Wiggins


“Always available, fast responses, and confident in their ability to win cases for their clients. This is the only law firm I call on as needs arise.”

– Jeremy Willet


“The attorneys there are so professional and detailed. So grateful for what they settled my case for and would highly recommend this firm.”

– Erica Lopez


“Dina Nesheiwat is an incredible attorney. I highly recommend her! She was extremely kind, through, and knowledgeable.”

– Deni Baker


“Dina Nesheiwat was so helpful in getting my charge dropped AND expunged. She treated me with kindness and respect through an extremely emotional process. Thank you INFINITELY for your help Dina. You’re truly an angel. ♡”

– Katherine Sheppartd


“I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. Daniel Nesheiwat always put my needs first and I was treated like family rather than a number. Daniel went above and beyond and always explained the process step by step. I couldn’t have asked for a a better law group. Thank you again.”

– Jamie Wooten


“They truly are the best law group around. Dina and Daniel are compassionate and care about their clients. I am so thankful for them and all their help with my legal concerns.”

– Ashley Baft


“I am extremely greatly for Daniel Nesheiwat. I felt confident through the process, he answered all of my questions. He is a very hard working and determined lawyer and cares about his clients future. He also did exactly what he told me he would do on my case and the outcome was great. I would definitely recommend Mr. Daniel!”

– Najax Abdidahir


“I’m so grateful for the Nesheiwat Law Group! Since the initial introduction of my case to them, they guided and supported me each step of the way. Daniel and Dina took immediate action to secure and protect my assets, which gave me a ton of confidence moving forward and led to a successful resolution to my case. 5 stars for these 2 stars! Thank you!!!”

– Eddie Ramirez


“Ms. Nesheiwat saved my behind when I was in dire circumstances. With her expertise and skillful ability to communicate to the authorities an honest and convincing defense she had the state not only dismiss all charges, but expunge them from my record. This is the empathetic and intelligent person you would want on your side when facing the terrors of litigation.”

– Anonymous 


“Back in September, I had agreed via email to do an urgent job for a client. He proposed that he would even pay out of pocket right after completion- even offered me more than my rate was. I completed the job on time under the tight deadline. I was then unable to get a response of the client for over 3 months regarding my payment/invoice. It was open ended and I figured I would be out the money. I had contacted Dina with my situation, and she assured me that I had a case and she would help me. She was so professional and very to the point with the direction she wanted to take. She communicated with the client on various platforms and was able to get a response. Before I knew it, I had the money in my account right on time. I can’t recommend and thank Dina enough. She takes quick action and listens to every detail before making a move.”

–  Caroline


“Best Attorney in Tennessee! I was arrested for drug charges, speeding and no license. Ms. Nesheiwat was able to get ALL the charges dismissed and expunged from my record. I am very thankful for her help and would highly recommend her.”
– Anonymous


“Wonderful attorney! Ms. Nesheiwat saved my behind when I was in dire circumstances. With her expertise and skillful ability to communicate to the authorities an honest and convincing defense she had the state not only dismiss all charges, but expunge them from my record. This is the empathetic and intelligent person you would want on your side when facing the terrors of litigation.”
– Anonymous


“MIRACLE MAN!!! Daniel is absolutely incredible!! He really takes his time in explaining every detail as well as really commits himself to truly helping! He made me feel so comfortable while dealing with a hectic situation. He was so kind and understanding of my emotions while we worked together on my fiancé’s case. He kept me up to date with all the details and was so willing to let me call or text him with anything I needed while we figured out his case. This man is truly a miracle!! I’m so thankful he got my fiancé’s case. This is the kind of person who SHOULD be a lawyer. “



“Daniel was recommended to me as an attorney with a commitment and a desire to negotiate the best deal for my legal nightmare. I was pleasantly surprised as he exceeded my expectation that saved me thousands and considerable jail time I wouldnt hesitate to hire him again if ever needed and am happy to recommend him to others seeking quality counsel. He had great communication skills in person and in court room. Thanks again Daniel”

– T. Lennon


“I was facing up to 2 years of jail time and probation for two charges. With Daniel Nesheiwat’s help, I got both my charges dismissed! He really knows what he’s doing and he genuinely wants to help people. He definitely helped me because those charges could have affected my school life and work life. I’m extremely thankful.”

– Anonymous


“I would recommend Daniel & his partners to EVERYONE no matter how small or big the troubles you may be facing. Don’t go to court without Daniel & the Nesheiwat Law Group by your side, he is AMAZING & the best part is that you can tell this is not just a job for him, he really cares about you. You are a name to him not just a number. I had a pretty difficult case with several different charges, I was facing a pretty hefty jail sentence. I knew I couldn’t go @ it alone or I was gonna be swallowed alive by the courts. With only a week to go before standing in front of the judge to hear my fate, I contacted the Nesheiwat Law Group. I have heard great things about them. I spoke with Daniel, not really expecting he could do much to help me seeing he is a lawyer in Davidson & Williamson Counties & my troubles were in Sumner Co. He tentatively listened to my story, never tried rushing me through it, took complete interest & was very hopeful that I could beat it all with minimal consequences. I’m a single mom, no way could I do lengthy jail time. After speaking with him, when we hung up instead of being sick with worry & despair like I had been for months, I was overwhelmed with relief & hopefulness that my court appearance would go smoothly enough that I could live & deal with. I didn’t know how he was gonna do it but….he DID IT & I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

– Christy


“Daniel is a great lawyer and person! He got me off a FTA and worked so well on my behalf! He also never treated me as a nobody. He made me feel valued.”

– Anonymous


“Daniel Nesheiwat is an amazing attorney! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not hiring him in the first place. I had an attorney who wanted me to settle for $500 and with Daniels help I was able to settle with a lot more than $500. Thank you for everything Daniel!!!”

– Olivia W.


“Daniel took my daughter’s case pro bono. We were so impressed with the capable and professional manner in which Daniel Nesheiwat handled the case. We reached a very acceptable decision and she is now ready to move forward. Daniel actually cared.”

– D.H.


“Daniel was an AMAZING attorney. He helped me with any issues or problems I had and never had a problem answering any questions. He is very attentive and reliable. If I ever have any other legal matter, I will be contacting Daniel!”

– AB


“Daniel went above and beyond for me on 3 open cases and make sure to kept me out of trouble along with it. His work with multiple people and a lot of mess I created on lack of judgement. Never left me hanging. I recommend Daniel to anybody and everybody who needed somebody to honestly trust and care about them. One word to explain it absolutely phenomenal”

– Jimmy S.


“Daniel did an excellent job. He treated my case with care and he was very detail oriented. His methods of presenting my case was different and new and I am lucky that I got such an incredible lawyer to fight for me.”

– Sweksha


“Daniel is a great attorney who is always available and very helpful, was able to answer all my questions and kept me updated with my case”

– Anonymous


“Daniel won my case and got my license reinstated. He took a horrible situation and tackled it head on! Thank you Daniel and the Nesheiwat Law Group for being there for me and my family.”

– John


“Daniel is a wonderful attorney! He was always available and got me significantly more money than I thought I would ever get. His work ethic and professionalism is truly great!!”

– Tina


“The #1 criminal defense attorney in Nashville. Daniel represented me on 7 charges that I was being charged with including one felony charge. He met with me immediately and took the time to listen to my side of the story. He immediately took action and started looking into each accusation. He was very thorough and kept in contact with me with any new information that he got. When it was all said and done, Daniel got my felony dropped to a misdemeanor and I was only convicted of 3 total charges and only received one year of probation! I would highly recommend The Nesheiwat Law Firm! Daniel was a life saver!! “

– Josh H.


“I had little faith that the charges would be dismissed, despite Daniel’s confidence; it seemed like a long shot. But, hard work, good communication and caring about the client proved a recipe for success. Not only were the charges dismissed, but also expunged, resulting in a new lease on life. Thank you, just doesn’t seem to be enough. “

– Michael


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