Preston Garrett



Practice Areas:

Paralegal for Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation

Paralegal, The Nesheiwat Law Group, PLLC

Preston Garrett

A native Tennessean, Preston received his Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Assistant Studies from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. During his undergraduate years, Preston interned with multiple attorneys in various fields including, family law, workers compensation, and criminal defense. After graduation, Preston earned a full-time position in a criminal defense firm. In 2018, Preston moved home to Nashville to begin studying for the LSAT. During that time, he gained experience working as an assistant in medical malpractice, real estate transactions, and trusts and estate planning. He is now in his second year at the Nashville School of Law with his sights set on practicing criminal defense and personal injury throughout the Tennessee area.
About My Education


Bachelor's Degree

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Second Year

Nashville School of Law

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